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gloc.team is a freelance team of five specialists in English to Italian video game translation. Since we are based in both Italy and Japan, you can always expect prompt replies and quick turnarounds - up to 10,000 TEP words per day. Our office never sleeps!

With 500+ games in 15+ years, from the largest AAA to the quirkiest indie title, our team of veterans has the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability to meet all your project needs.

GLOC.TEAM Italian Game Translation

Work Process


We start with a familiarization phase by reviewing the provided reference material and source text. We then assess the right tone for your audience and prepare our internal guidelines for the project.

Next, the translation and review phases are done through our secure memoQ server. memoQ is a top-notch translation CAT tool with which our team collaborates in real time for maximum efficiency and consistency. Depending on the schedule, several team members may be assigned to meet the deadline, and once the translation is done, a single reviewer then proofreads each word, ironing out any issues, checking terminology, and polishing the Italian translation.

If needed, we also offer localization testing, as a complete service or as a small-scale volunteer pass.



Budgeting is easy: we have a single rate; 0.08 EUR per source word. This rate covers every aspect of the project, from management to preparation to the translation itself, including editing and proofreading.

Contact Us


Send us an email at gloc@sent.com and let's get started!