GLOC.TEAM Italian Game Translation

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We translate worlds


We help translation agencies and indie developers translate videogames from English into Italian.

With over 500 games localized over 15 years, our team of veterans provides the best efficiency, flexibility and reliability for your projects.

From the largest AAA to the quirkiest indie title, you're in good hands.

GLOC.TEAM Italian Game Translation

How we work


We start by researching your title in order to find the right tone for your audience and match any existing terminology.

Translation then moves to our secure memoQ server, when our team collaborates in real time for the maximum efficiency and consistency. A single reviewer then proofreads each word, ironing out any remaining issue.

If your project allows it, we're then ready to offer localization testing, as a complete service or as a small-scale volunteer pass.



Budgeting is easy: we have a single rate. 0.08 EUR per word, including every aspect of the project, from management, to preparation, to the translation itself (inclusive of editing and proof-reading).

For anything else, send us an email at info@gloc․team and let's get started!